Turtaş Construction

Our company, which entered into the Real Estate Investment & Consulting sector in 2012, has become the first choice of investors in a short amount of time. It offers new living spaces to its customers with its special designs developed by using the latest technologies with great care and without compromising quality.

Turtaş Architecture

Turtaş, which established its architecture office in Trabzon in 1973, moved to its new office with the involvement of its family members in the 2000s. Turtaş, the leader in the sector with its innovative and exemplary presence, continues on its journey with unique projects and grows everyday.

Turtaş International

Turtaş International is a group of companies that imports from and exports to the Caucasus, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Turtaş International, which has operated since 2009, has the mission of being the global window of the experience and vision of Turtaş.

Adversion Creative Advertising Agency

Turtaş established its creative advertisement agency Adversion headquartered in Istanbul in 2015. The expert team of Adversion has managed to carry out successful campaigns with leading organizations in a short amount of time.